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We give you an overview

An actual state analysis of your current circumstances provides the basis for efficient future management of your CSSD operations. For example, using process analyses and feasibility studies, specialized consultants examine all relevant factors and create a list of requirements which serves as a basis for demonstrating new approaches, solutions and concepts for your hospital:.

Which working processes should be optimized?.

Where will your hospital's CSSD be in future and how could it look?.

What are your technical and staffing requirements?.

What are the consequences of each change?.

What are the costs involved with each scenario?.

We help you to define the optimum solution for your central sterilization. But not only that: we also accompany you along the way..

Design and Planning

1.1 Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD).

1.2 Operating Room (OR) Department, includes integrated and hybrid OR.

1.3 Anesthesia Department.

1.4 Radiology Department.

1.5 Radiotherapy Department

1.6 Nuclear Medicine Department.

1.7 Intensive Care Units.

1.8 In-Patient Acute Care Units.

1.9 Out-Patient Department (OPD).

1.10 Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Department.

1.11 Planning Medical Equipment/Furniture for all healthcare facilities.

Operation Management

2.1 Operation Optimization

2.1.1. Establishing optimized policies and procedure.

2.1.2. Establishing optimum work flow.

2.1.3. Apply LEAN SIX SIGMA concept to improve process efficiency.

2.2 Operating Room (OR) Management

2.3.1 OR utilization.

2.3.2 Set up a policy and procedure.

2.3.3 Daily Operation.

2.3.4 Develop and implement time out.

2.3.5 Evaluated the existing workflow and provide solutions.

2.3.6 Improve the workflow by using six sigma.

2.3.7 Equipment technical specification.

2.3.8 Develop competency criteria and implement.

2.3 Anesthesia Management

2.3.1 Provide the list of anesthesia equipment.

2.3.2 Equipment technical specification.

2.3.3 Set up for anesthesia according to ASAT.

2.3.4 Managing the anesthesia workflow and provide criteria for practice.

2.3.5 Develop anesthesia quality team and criteria.

2.3.6 Set up a training unit and to run anesthesia courses.

2.3.7 Develop competency criteria and implement.

2.4 Central Supply Sterilization Department (CSSD)

2.4.1 Provide the list of central supply sterilization department equipment.

2.4.2 Equipment technical specification.

2.4.3 Set up for CSSD according to AAMI.

2.4.4 Managing the CSSD workflow and provide criteria for practice.

2.4.5 Develop CSSD quality team and criteria.

2.4.6 Set up a training unit and to run CSSD courses.

2.4.7 Develop competency criteria and implement.

2.5 Medical Equipment Asset Management

2.5.1 Managing assets to achieve the greatest return, and the process of monitoring and maintaining systems, with the objective of providing the best possible service to end users.

2.5.2 Conduct inventory.

2.5.3 Reporting assets with technical evaluation.

2.6 Medical Equipment Maintenance Management and Support

2.6.1 Review current maintenance plans for preventive actions.

2.6.2 Review current policy and procedures.

2.6.3 Review current corrective actions and downtimes.

2.6.4 Review KPIs.

2.6.5 Establishing optimized maintenance system for corrective and preventive.

Medical Equipment procurement

3.1 Technology assessment.

3.2 Conduct survey to understand facility requirements.

3.3 Provide solutions that meet facility requirements.

3.4 Develop medical equipment /furniture plans includes BOQ and technical data.

3.5 Setting-up technical specifications.

3.6 Prepare tendering documents.

3.7 Support throughout technical evaluation, inspection, installation and commissioning.

Healthcare Technology Assessment

4.1 Assessment of current equipment technologies with recommendation.

4.2 Evaluate utilization of existing equipment.

Project Management Office

5.1 Apply LEAN concept to optimize design layout to improve capacity, efficiency and reduce costs.

5.2 Project performance evaluation for new and renovation projects.

5.3 Perform Gap analysis.

5.4 Support services for stalled projects and bring it back to schedule.

5.5 Project management throughout project life cycle (planning, execution, monitoring and control and finally closing and hand over).


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