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About Xavant Technology
Xavant Technology (Pty) Ltd was established in 2003 with a purpose to pioneer technological platforms for future anesthesia procedures.

With this aim Xavant currently focuses it's product range in neuromuscular stimulation in regional anesthesia.

Xavant Technology carries full ISO 13485:2003, Medical Devices Quality Management Systems, qualification for design and manufacturing of electro and sterile electro medical nerve stimulating devices.

Xavant Technology is leading the nerve stimulator market with it's new range of stimulators for regional anesthesia.

Company Profile

We pride ourselves on the partnerships developed over the years with several Key Opinion Leaders as well as leading research facilities.

Xavant has acquired a sophisticated and well-integrated development infrastructure with innovative personnel and quality service providers.

Our rapid prototyping and concept development capabilities create a competitive advantage in this highly competitive field and sustain our progressive enhancement of effective technological platforms.

Well established Quality and Control processes enforce efficient and cost effective development cycles, while ensuring the quality of all products. Quality Control processes are compliant with the relevant ISO standards, CE and FDA regulations.

Xavant's manufacturing expertise includes injection molding, fully automated PCB population and sterilization.

All manufacturing processes are continually monitored by rigorous Quality Control processes and a dedicated quality control crew.


STIMPOD NMS450 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
(NMBA Monitoring / Nerve Location)

The STIMPOD NMS450 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is designed to provide dual functionality with both precision nerve location and Neuromuscular Blocking Agent monitoring. The NMS450 has a unique three-dimensional accelerometer to accurately and continuously provide TOF, DB and PTC ratio's during the entire procedure.

Tri-axial Accelerometer

The STIMPOD NMS450 Nerve Stimulator includes a Tri-axial accelerometer which provides real time feedback of the strength of contraction of the affected limb (Train Of Four, Double Burst and Post Tetanic Count modes only). The strength of each measured contraction is displayed graphically and the relevant ratios are calculated and also displayed.

The fine movement diffences that can be detected by utilizing accelerometry offers major advantages over gauging contraction strength visually or tactilely. Tri-axial accelerometry calculates the movement vector of the contraction in three dimensions. This negates the need for calibration as is the case with one-dimensional accelerometers, and reduces the setup time of the procedure.

Combined Nerve Mapping and Nerve Location

Auto sensing technology provides a solution for simultaneous nerve mapping and nerve location. The Stimpod monitors whether the mapping probe or needle touches the patient and adjusts the current range accordingly, ensuring quick and precise nerve location.

This technology provides a cost effective alternative to ultrasound techniques for determining anatomical deviations prior to needle insertion. The technique reduces the time of the procedure and provides favourable patient comfort and safety.

Nerve Mapping Probe

The Stimpod Nerve Mapping Probe was designed to enable transcutaneous nerve mapping at higher currents (to a maximum of 20mA), whilst the tip offers a contact surface small enough to ensure effective discrimination.

Deeper peripheral nerves require higher current to be recruited by transcutaneous stimulation. The Stimpod sensing technology and Nerve Mapping Probe designs facilitate larger currents, thus increasing the percentage of peripheral nerves that can be targeted.

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STIMPOD NMS460 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

The STIMPOD NMS460 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is a neuromodulation device used for symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain. The NMS460 implements a unique patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform for the treatment of neuropathies.

Transcutaneous Stimulation Probe

The STIMPOD NMS460 features a unique ergonomically designed stimulation probe.

The stimulation point, made from biocompatible stainless steel, is designed in such a way as to direct the current to a particular nerve or region such as a joint or muscle that may be involved in either a neuropathic, neurogenic or nociceptive condition. Due to the targeted nature of the probe, the nerve involved is easily identified and results in fasciculations along this nerve pathway.

Patented Hybrid PRF Waveform

The STIMPOD NMS460 delivers a patented Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) waveform that is superimposed upon the direct and low frequency components of the current.

The combination of the stimulation probe and the patented PRF waveform allows for the treatment of neuropathies in a non-invasive manner primarily targeting the nerve. The STIMPOD NMS460 waveform provides all the generally accepted advantageous of a normal TENS device, with the added advantageous of Pulsed Radio Frequency, all in one waveform delivered to the patient in a non-invasive manner.

Capacitive sensing interface for easy navigation

Navigating the STIMPOD NMS460 is achieved through its advanced capacitive sensing interface.

The flat navigation interface on the STIMPOD NMS460 clearly distinguishes the device from the rest of the field. The adjustment dial senses the presence of your finger to easily guide the current strength and navigate effortlessly through the menu options.

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